Frequently Asked Questions


How are Green Bean dog accessories made?

We hand make each collar and matching leash with Hemp webbing in the 5/8" and 1" width & Heavy Weight Cotton webbing in the 1" width only.

Our adjustable collars are made with a quick side release black plastic buckle that contours to your pups neck for extra comfort along with a high quality wide mouth slide. The hardware (d-rings/trigger snaps) are nickel plated, welded steel. To finish our beautiful collars and leashes, we use bar tack stitching at all stress points.


We make our collars with a slide which allows you to actually adjust to any size to fit your pups neck comfortably.  When adjusting your slide keep in mind that this will create an opening that may be mistaken for where your pups head goes in.  The webbing should always be flat against one another so the collar is attached correctly around the neck.

Where are Green Bean Dog accessories made?

All of our items are handmade in Santa Barbara, Ca by A very experienced production team.

Where do you get your Hemp?

All of our Hemp webbing is grown and made in Romania.  


Yes, all of our items can be washed.  Simply wash in cold water on gentle cycle and place item (s) in a pillow case or laundry bag.  Always line dry, never put in the dryer. 

Can Green bean dog accessories be worn in water?

Yes, all of our items can be worn while swimming in rivers, lakes, pools and ocean waters.  

Does hemp have a natural oder?

Hemp is a natural fiber and to some noses there is a slight oder and to others, nothing.  Easy fix if you do smell natural Hemp, set out in the sun for several days.  Do not wash your item first, as this only prolongs the natural scent.

Do you sell wholesale to retailers?

Yes, we love our retailers around the world!  Please click here WHOLESALE for more information.